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Core Drilling for Your Sunshine Coast Project

Drilling holes in concrete takes specialised tools and expertise. We offer professional concrete core drilling on the Sunshine Coast, Bribie Island, and Brisbane for all your renovation needs. Our friendly, experienced team can help you bring your construction project to life, effortlessly drilling through concrete floors, driveways, walls, and paving.

What Is Concrete Core Drilling?

Concrete coring involves drilling circular holes through concrete surfaces. It requires specialised drill bits that can cut the concrete cleanly and accurately for a perfectly round hole. We do core hole drilling in Brisbane, Bribie, Somerset, and the surrounding area, using diamond drills to cut through even the most demanding concrete surfaces easily.

Diamond coring can help you cut through steel rebar found in reinforced concrete. We can cut holes of various sizes and depths depending on your needs.

When To Use Concrete Core Drilling

We have done concrete drilling for various Brisbane and Sunshine Coast construction projects. Here are some of the most common reasons you might need concrete core drilling in residential and commercial buildings.

Electrical and Data Cables

To bring electricity from the council connection into the building, you may need to drill holes through concrete walls and floors to make space for the cables. We can help you drill holes through the structure and insert a plastic pipe in the slab to house your wiring.

concrete core drilling sunshine coast
concrete core drilling sunshine coast


Multi-storey plumbing installations almost always require core hole drilling. Many Brisbane skyscrapers use complex drainage systems to get water from the top-floor toilets to the sewers underground. We can help you drill through your first- or second-floor slabs when adding new bathroom or kitchen fixtures upstairs.

Fencing and Decorative Elements

Sometimes, there are aesthetic reasons for concrete drilling. Many of our Brisbane and Sunshine Coast clients ask us to drill shallow holes halfway through a slab to create anchors for fence posts, mailboxes, or garden features. Rooting a decorative element into your concrete floor gives it more strength and helps your installation last longer.

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Find Professional Concrete Drilling on the Sunshine Coast

CutWide Concrete Cutting offers professional core drilling from the Sunshine Coast to Brisbane. We work with contractors, homeowners, house flippers, and property developers to make renovations easier. Call us for a free cost estimate to start planning your concrete construction project today.

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