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Stylish Soff Cutting for Sunshine Coast Homes

Concrete is a versatile building material that makes beautiful floors, driveways, and decks. However, exposure to the elements can cause it to crack. We offer professional soff cutting across the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, and surrounds to help you pour stronger, more crack-resistant slabs. We work with contractors and property owners on commercial and residential projects.

What is Soff Cutting?

Soff-Cut® is a patented concrete cutting tool designed by Swedish power-tool manufacturer Husqvarna. It’s a machine that allows contractors and tradespeople to cut through concrete soon after pouring it when it is not completely dry (green concrete). The purpose of soff cutting is to prevent random cracking as the concrete cures.

The soff-cutting machine makes neat, shallow grooves along the concrete’s surface at carefully marked positions. These serve as contraction joints. Their depth depends on the thickness of the slab – our team can create soff-cut joints up to 100mm deep.

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How Soff Cutting Prevents Concrete Cracking

Concrete contains cement, water, and aggregate. Some water evaporates off the surface as it dries, causing it to shrink slightly. When a concrete slab connects to the ground or nearby buildings, the shrinkage creates tension inside the slab, causing cracks. Contractors typically make contraction joints in concrete slabs to prevent cracking.

One of the most popular ways to create these joints is through Soff Cutting. Our Brisbane team calculates how many control joints you need according to your slab’s thickness and length. After making the joints, the concrete may still crack, but it will happen beneath the surface and won’t be visible on your driveway, footpath, or floor.

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Using Soff-Cut for Decorative Concrete Designs

A soff cut machine is not only for crack control. We also offer decorative Soff Cutting in Brisbane, Bribie Island, and Somerset surroundings. The device creates immaculate edges and neat cuts that look beautiful in a decorative design. Talk to us about using Soff-Cut® to create geometric patterns in your driveway, kerb, or concrete flooring installation.

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