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Road sawing

This is a cost effective and time saving way to the cutting of flat and horizontal surfaces (e.g. Driveways, Kerb and Channel, Bridges, Suspended slabs, Asphalt roads and more).


Core drilling

This is a fast, accurate and clean way to drill various sized core holes through concrete, concrete walls, brick, asphalt, tiles and more. No core hole is to hard or to deep.

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Hand sawing

This is a hand held cutting machine used for cutting doorways and windows in concrete or brick - also for cutting pipes, asphalt and more.


Concrete grinding

For smoothing surfaces & grinding down trip hazards.



Soff cutting

Creating expansion cuts in a green concrete slab to prevent cracking. We also offer Pattern and decorative cutting. We are capable of Soff cutting up to 100mm deep.

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Joint sealing and widen cut

This is the widening of joints and the application of Silicon - Any colour and any size joint.

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